Why I'm in it.

I like the pub game. That's why I'm in it, but it's not how I got in it. I'm 53 years young as I write this, but have really only been full time in the bar trade since August 2001 (16 years). Before that I was in materials control mainly, and worked within a couple of different industries in my time including decorative and protective paints, access systems (ladders etc), and PPE (personal protective equipment).

It just happened that a friend bought a bar and hired a mutual friend to run it. I ended up helping out a few shifts and 16 years later, I haven't looked back. Isn't that always how it happens? Of course I've moved around a bit since then, and so have my friends. So, for something I kind of fell into, I've stuck at it and had an amazing time too, meeting and keeping some great friends along the way.

I suppose you could say the 'MrPubTalk' category is a little indulgent in the sense that here I get to spill some beans as it were, around some of my experiences within the bar and restaurant industry. Those in the know will be able to relate to much that I write. Perhaps some not in the industry who visit here will gain a new appreciation for those hard working souls who work crazy hours to serve them great food and drinks.

I hope you enjoy the slight distraction from the more serious news topics I provide here. I always value comments and suggestions. Please feel free to give feedback below or by using my contact form.

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