Picture of John McVeyWelcome to this website. My name is John McVey. I’m a German born Scotsman, currently living in the north east of that bonny land, but originally from the west coast.

As a German born child brought up in Scotland during the seventies, when war memories still lingered within the minds of many within older generations, therefore still influencing the young, my nationality attracted much unwanted attention. At a time when bullying at school came still within the “boys will be boys” category, little was ever done to counter the attentions I received. At around 12 years however, my school decided it would be a great idea to eliminate my lingering German accent. So, they sent me to a speech therapist. Such as it was, the innovation of school teachers of the seventies, to utilise a speech therapist in the fight against the school bully. Imagine how the press would react to something like that today! Safety before Heritage?

As a young man, my German accent all but gone, I ventured unto the world…

At the time of writing this, I’m 53 years young, and have been in the bar and restaurant industry now for around 15 years. I’ve pretty much covered every area of the industry in that time, although mostly ‘front of house.’ Having said that, I strongly suspect from my time in the kitchen as a chef the past couple of years, that what they say is true. Once they get you in there, you never get out. 🙂

Joking aside, my time in the industry has been amazing, and I have made many great friends along the way, both colleagues and guests.

My young life led me to a particular dislike of prejudice, be it national, religious, or any other kind which seeks to deprive individuals of their right to just be who they are. My personal study over the years finally led to my adopting a mainly non-denominational pagan philosophy, and I became a member of the Universal Life Church in March 2016.

Much of my life prior to this is certainly contrary and I have to say the change in me is significant. It goes to show anyone can improve their lot if they are determined enough.

I believe it is up to everyone to decide for themselves who they are. We all feel our way through life as best we can, learning and growing as we go.

In a world where everybody and it’s dog is trying to tell you what to think, here is a place where you are encouraged to make up your own mind.

I’m always interested in feedback as it helps me improve and grow. Please feel free to leave comments or questions.

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Thank you.